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Parish Organizations

​Christian Mothers

The Christian Mothers is a women’s organization to unite mothers in prayer and instill in them a thoroughly Christian spirit.  The organization seeks to promote Christian values and the intellectual and spiritual growth of the family through Christian education in the home. It also serves as a source of encouragement, support and renewal for mothers of all ages.

Through fund raising the Christian Mothers help support the parish with the children’s educational and spiritual needs. They also assist the parish in purchasing items needed for the parish churches and halls.  The Christian Mothers are always available to assist the parish in any and all ways.

The Altar-Rosary Society

The Altar-Rosary Society cares for the altar linens and have purchased many new items for the altar including chalices, a large cross carried during the Mass and new linens. 
All of the candlesticks are polished by members of the society on a regular basis. They clean the church several times a year and decorate the church at Christmas.
The society also serves the parish and community in various ways, and meet to pray the rosary monthly at the Marian Shrine, during May through October. 

The Altar-Rosary Society welcomes any women of the parish who would like join them.