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Leadership Councils

Pastoral Council ​​

The pastoral council is a consultative body to the pastor and is governed by norms determined by the bishop of Greensburg (Canon Law 536). It is a collaborative body of the Christian faithful appointed by the pastor whose purpose is the promotion of the mission of Jesus Christ and his church in its entirety. It shall at all times work in close collaboration with the pastor of the parish advising him in matters pertaining to pastoral ministry.

Current Members: 
Michael Bertig
Mark Pavlick
Sherry Renosky
Chuck Zelensky
Greg Mitchell

Caleb Palmer-Student Representative

Caden Costello-Student Representative

Gionna Palmer-Student Representative

Cindy Marcoline

Clyde Palmer

Father John Pavlik

Finance Council

The bishop heads the diocese and appoints a priest as pastor to serve and manage each parish community on his behalf. The pastor is ultimately responsible for all parish finances. Church law (Canon 1280 of the 1983 Code of Canon Law) and diocesan norms recognize the tremendous responsibility given to pastors in the realm of parish finances. Accordingly, every parish is required to have a finance council. The finance council is an advisory body that assists the pastor in preparation of the annual budget, and assists in monitoring and management of the stewardship of the parish funds.

Current Members: 

Darrick Bertig
Ann Esachina
Mary Kay Yarchak

Alex Uher

Janice Howard

Terri Tedeschi

Father John Pavlik